Case Study

Tola Mobile

Tola Mobile is a mobile payment service provider 


Company Name: Tola Mobile

Removing the hassle, cost, and risk from the purchasing process by enabling customers to pay directly from their mobile phones.

The Challenge

The business has two key audiences: European businesses that want to give their customers a seamless online payment experience; and African companies aiming to reach customers who don’t have bank accounts.

Tola Mobile – part of the Oxygen 8 group – already had a site map and wire frames in place. We were tasked with creating web copy that resonated with the two very different target audiences.

Our Approach

Working closely with Tola Mobile’s internal stakeholders and marketing team, we reviewed audience pain points and purchasing-decision drivers.

From that process, it was apparent that the service Tola Mobile delivers is packed with benefits for merchants, mobile network operators and consumers. Tola Wallet makes it easy for African companies to expand their customer base, while Tola MobilePay gives customers of European businesses a simple, seamless and secure way to pay online.

As a result of this thorough process, we were able to craft customer-centric copy with clear appeal to both audiences.

The Results

The web copy we created has received fantastic feedback from the team at Tola Mobile. It has also resonated with both target audiences and the brand is growing fast.

Subsequent to completing the web copy, we’ve worked with Tola Mobile again to create an email campaign for an event.


“Working with Anna and the team have made my life so much easier. They were able to interpret, understand and feel the Tola brand. They helped with the copy creation for our new site, basically starting from scratch. I fully recommend Anna and Gunning Marketing, and I will continue to work with her as an extension of my team.”

Melanie Horsford

Marketing Manager, Tola Mobile