Case Study


Software and app developers Codevate specialise in connecting high-growth businesses to the cloud. 


Company Name: Codevate

 Commercial, methodical and creative, Codevate have a particular talent for homing in on gaps in the app market, adding tangible value to their customers’ offerings.

The Challenge

Having expanded fast, their website didn’t accurately reflect the scope of the benefits they delivered to clients. Concerned that it wasn’t allowing them to capitalise on opportunities, they approached us to create a website that differentiated their business.

Our Approach

After delving into Codevate’s target audience pain points and goals – as well as drivers for their purchasing decisions – we were able to identify their consultative style as a key differentiator. Codevate act as partners to their clients – and that’s what sets them apart from other players in the market.

Using this collaborative approach as a foundation for messaging, we developed a site map – and subsequently drafted web copy – that portrayed Codevate as a commercial partnership, with a focus on high growth business. We also worked with them to develop a suite of testimonials to communicate clearly the scope and value of their offering.

The Results

The customer-centric approach in the copy we’ve drafted has resonated with Codevate’s ambitious target audience, nurturing them towards conversion. As a result, the company has gained higher value work and consolidated existing relationships.


“From the outset, it was very clear that Gunning Marketing listened to us and understood our business. Getting a second opinion on our ideas was a useful way to sanity check and improve them. The compelling, punchy copy they delivered helped to soften our technical language, which otherwise has the potential to alienate customers. We were also impressed with the transparency of the entire process. We’ve already recommended Gunning Marketing and will continue to do so.”

Sam Jones

CEO, Codevate