Case Study

Aesthetic Nurse Software

Aesthetic Nurse Software eliminates the frustrating admin associated with running an independent aesthetics clinic.


Company Name: Aesthetic Nurse Software

It’s the brainchild of Jo Hayward, an aesthetic nurse with 8 years of experience. User-friendly and affordable, her cloud-based software gives aesthetic nurses diary and clinical information, making it easy for them to go paperless.

The Challenge

Word-of-mouth recommendations had afforded the company significant success. However, they wanted to amplify their online presence to boost awareness and increase sales – and they approached us for help.

Our Approach

Our first step was to delve into the company’s target audience – including comments on online forums – to analyse pain points and challenges. For aesthetic nurses, having confidence in business processes (as well as in their clinical approach) is essential, and especially important given that the business side often represents new territory for those coming from a medical background.

We identified the affordability and user-friendliness of the platform as key differentiators – in addition to the accessibility of the software from any device. The latter is vital as it means that aesthetic nurses have access to their diary and clinical information at all times.

Having created the value proposition and key messages, we drafted clear and compelling web copy that integrated Jo’s story – ensuring that the benefits of the platform are clear to potential customers.

The Results

As a result of our brand proposition work, the business has gone from strength to strength. The web copy has generated leads and boosted sales – and the company has received outstanding feedback on social media and in surveys.

Based on the success of the web copy, we’ve worked with the company on a campaign for providers of aesthetic training courses. This included creating educational material designed to enhance the student experience by providing information about the practicalities of running an aesthetics business.

In addition, we’ve collaborated with the company to produce their award entry for Clinic Support/Product of the Year category in the Aesthetic Awards 2020 – at which the company was shortlisted as a Finalist.