Case Study


Development management consultancy


Company Name: R3

R3 is a new development management consultancy that partners with public and private sector clients to de-risk complex regeneration projects and help them achieve their goals around economic transformation, sustainability and social value.

The Challenge

The consultancy approached us for help with defining and articulating its brand proposition – as well as to draft compelling web copy and case studies to support its launch.

Our Approach

Collaborating closely with key stakeholders, we delved into R3’s mission and vision – identifying its belief in the power of regeneration and urban transformation to help people live happier, healthier and more sustainable lives.

We also homed in on the pain points and goals of its target audience at every stage of the planning process – defining where R3 could bridge the gap. From there, we created a value proposition and key messages to provide a marketing foundation for all future activity.  

The Results

Development management consultants operate in a niche market and are in high demand. Leveraging our brand proposition, we’ve created compelling web copy and case studies for R3. By highlighting their expertise and key differentiators, we’ve helped set them apart and provide a platform for generating business from local authority and private sector clients.