Case Study

A E Oscroft

Based in the Midlands, AE Oscroft is a presswork and prototyping specialist with an industry-leading R&D department.


Company Name: A E Oscroft

For over 70 years, A E Oscroft has provided specialist services for supply chains across a wide range of industries.

The Challenge

In partnership with the AA, AE Oscroft developed the freewheeling hub, a game-changing innovation that enables roadside patrols to safely tow electric vehicles and 4x4s that can’t normally be lifted and towed on 2 wheels.

AE Oscroft approached us for help creating a press release to raise the profile of the innovation, as well as a landing page highlighting the benefits of the freewheeling hub to target other roadside assistance providers.

Our Approach

Before the creation of the freewheeling hub, it was impossible to tow number some cars, notably 4x4s and EVs. As a result, the breakdown recovery process was both time-consuming and expensive, as it required a flatbed recovery vehicle.

Delving into the benefits of the freewheeling hub, we created a press release and landing page that highlighted the importance of the innovation and the ways it helps roadside assistance companies deliver quicker recovery with increased safety and lower emissions.

Our press release also focused on the significance of the collaboration between AE Oscroft and the AA – and the way in which the client was able to take a concept and turn it into a workable, cost-effective solution.

The Results

The press release increased the profile of AE Oscroft, and the landing page is helping the company generate business among roadside assistance providers globally.