Case Study

Brain Treatment Center

The Brain Treatment Center (BTC) is an interdisciplinary clinic that focuses on brain health and neurology.


Company Name: Brain Treatment Center

Pioneering innovative therapy for restoring optimal brain function.

The Challenge

BTC had a one-page holding website that in no way reflected the scope of its services or cutting-edge research. The marketing team needed a new site, visual identity and messaging that positioned BTC as leaders and communicated the science behind its treatment.

Our Approach

BTC was preparing for an announcement, which meant the extended team only had 10 calendar days to finalise the sitemap, write the copy and design the templates.

In addition to the time pressure, we were limited in what we could say and show because of regulatory restrictions around promoting the treatment.

We, therefore, had to work carefully and creatively to craft an engaging, visually striking site that stayed firmly within the legal parameters.

The Results

In just 10 calendar days we completed the prototype website for the marketing team to present to the board.

This project was alongside the team at Make Agency.


“You’re all heroes. Well done on the design and content. The presentation went extremely well with the team and board, especially with the investor. They loved the vision, the design and the content!”

Fay Fehbehani

Marketing, BTC