Case Study

Homeshare International

Homeshare International is an umbrella organisation dedicated to supporting professionals who run homeshare programmes.


Company Name: Homeshare International

Raising awareness of homesharing as a viable solution to many of society’s needs.

The Challenge

Homesharing enables two unrelated individuals to share their lives for mutual benefit. A home sharer provides support and companionship to a householder, in exchange for free or low-cost accommodation.

Homeshare International was looking for ways to promote its new support initiative, the aim of which is to encourage charities, not-for-profits, and commercial organisations to establish an agency to set up a homeshare programme. The initiative coincided with a £2 million National Homeshare Programme Fund from Lloyds Bank Foundation and Big Lottery Fund.

Our Approach

From enabling older or disabled people to stay in their homes for longer to providing affordable housing for students or single parents in expensive areas, homesharing is a proven concept that helps improve lives. Yet despite the many advantages it delivers, it hasn’t developed the high profile it deserves.

Our press release – and the accompanying infographic we drafted – aimed to redress the balance. We highlighted the tangible benefits of the concept, as well as the support Homeshare International was offering organisations in terms of establishing an agency.

The Results

Our press release and infographic clearly articulated the benefits of homesharing as a proven yet underused model for individuals, communities and organisations.

The client was delighted with the results, indicating that the work we carried out had raised awareness of the homesharing concept as well as boosting the profile of Homeshare International.

Homeshare International

“The brief was to raise the profile of homeshare across a wide range of media, and Gunning Marketing took on the challenge in a thoroughly professional, creative and effective way. The press release they prepared, and the infographic produced to support the key messages, have had a measurable impact on the awareness of homeshare as a concept – relieving loneliness and social isolation for older people and those living with disabilities – as well as of the umbrella organisation, Homeshare International, itself. We are happy to recommend Gunning Marketing without reservation.”

Elizabeth Mills OBE

Honorary Director, Homeshare International