Case Study


A groundbreaking blend of marketing, psychology, technology, and sales.


Company Name: Cognition

In 1998, there was not a single agency in the UK using cognitive and behavioural psychology to deliver better marketing and sales outcomes. That’s until Cognition was founded.

The Challenge

As Head of Content at Cognition, Anna was tasked with planning and overseeing the implementation of the agency’s content marketing. It had invested in HubSpot, the marketing automation software, and wanted to use content and inbound techniques to improve our own marketing and showcase the benefits of the approach to clients.

Our Approach

Cognition’s client base comprises ambitious medium-sized businesses. Anna created a content plan based on research into common growing pains that type of company experiences. Content types ranged from blog posts to infographics to guides, which we promoted via automated email campaigns and online engagement.

The Results

In one year the profile of Cognition’s web traffic changed significantly.

  • Organic traffic increased by 104%
  • Referral traffic increased by 115%
  • Social referrals increased by 66%
  • Email referrals increased by 138%

Automated email campaigns were also successful. For example, a campaign targeting technology companies generated more than £50,000 in revenue over 12 months. Cognition’s success in content marketing has helped the agency sell the approach to clients, and content is now part of 100% of new client strategies.