June 30, 2016

Wield the 6 Weapons of Influence in Your Copy [Infographic]

This infographic summarises the 6 weapons of influence and gives easy tips on how to use them in copy. Learn how to make your writing is more persuasive.
June 13, 2016

You Need to Ask this Question About Your Customers

This sales letter makes a common but disastrous mistake in its copy. Ask yourself this question to avoid it - and craft copy that captures attention.
June 8, 2016

Content Marketing Do’s & Don’ts [Infographic]

I've gathered my top 8 content marketing tips into this infographic, so you know what you should definitely be doing (and what you must avoid at all costs).
June 8, 2016

3 Marketing Cliches (and What Old-School Sales Letters Teach You About Modern Marketing)

You hear a lot about information overload and short attention spans. Here's why you shouldn't get distracted (or discouraged) by the digital marketing hype.
June 8, 2016

3 Ways to End Your Dependence on Bland Fluff Words

When you want to sound impressive, it's tempting to talk about your revolutionary, market-leading innovation. Here's how to resist the temptation.
June 8, 2016

Is It Easy to Read Your Copy?

Do you make your readers work to figure out what you're trying to say? If your copy takes effort to read, it's time to change your approach.