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June 19, 2019
June 19, 2019



As experts in predictive simulation, Lanner provides businesses with a digital solution to develop, test and optimise an Industry 4.0 roadmap, de-risking investment and making it easy to build a business case.

Lanner approached us for help with creating thought leadership around Industry 4.0 to demystify this complex area and help companies make sustainable digital transformation choices.


We had a session with Lanner experts delving into common mistakes and challenges facing companies embarking on the Industry 4.0 journey. We then created a white paper offering a step-by-step approach to digital transformation.


The whitepaper has been a popular download on the Lanner website, with printed copies also distributed at exhibitions.

Following this success, we’ve helped Lanner with a follow-up white paper, blogs and case studies to continue cutting through the noise relating to Industry 4.0.

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