June 19, 2019
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June 19, 2019



IdeaTech are Italy’s bespoke software and app development specialists, known for helping businesses leverage technology to achieve a competitive advantage. Their marketing had been primarily by word of mouth. As a result, their website didn’t explain how their methodology and service differentiated their business.

IdeaTech contacted us for help with defining their value proposition and key messages, with the aim of creating new web copy to consolidate current client relationships and generate a pipeline of new business. In addition, IdeaTech were keen to attract motivated and talented developers to join their expanding team.


Our first step was to delve into IdeaTech’s mission and vision as well as their ideal target audience, defining their drivers and challenges at every stage of the decision-making process.

From there, we were in a position to refine IdeaTech’s value proposition, highlighting the competitive advantage they bring to their clients as the ultimate benefit and summarising their key differentiators. This gave us a strong foundation from which to draft high impact web copy.


Working with the web designer team, we advised on a revised structured for the site map and created customer-centric copy, which has resonated with IdeaTech’s target audience.

As a result, IdeaTech has succeeded in their goal of cross-selling to current customers and attracting new business. In addition, they have successfully recruited a number of software and app specialists to the growing team.


“I am impressed with how you have captured what my business is about after only a few phone calls.”

Marco Milani, IdeaTech

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