EDM provides electronic document management, digitisation and business process management services to public and private sector clients. When we started working with the company, a new CEO was completing a major turnaround and finalising a substantial investment, which would, in the coming years, underpin organic growth and acquisitions. EDM needed marketing and sales material that positioning the company as a major player in order to win large, complex tenders


We started by writing case studies that showcased EDM's range of experience and the measurable savings in cost and efficiency the company achieved. These added gravitas to EDM's new website and provided the sales team with useful leave-behinds. While doing the initial set of case studies we helped EDM put best practice processes in place for collating future stories. As the company grew, content requirements expanded. Most recently, we helped the internal marketing team put together vertical content plans to provide authority to sector-specific website pages and support the sales team at relevant events. These plans focused on the relevant personas for each vertical, homing in on their goals and pain points to maximise effectiveness.


Over 5 years working with EDM, we helped the company put internal processes in place for creating effective marketing content. This new content has been an important part in marketing and sales activity that has helped achieve an average 20% year-on-year growth.

*This project was alongside the team at Cognition

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