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Colmet is a UK sheet metal manufacturer. The company had a solid reputation for quality, and had been supplying components for applications such as motorsport and surgical instruments.

However, the sheet metal industry is saturated with manufacturers of a similar size and with similar capabilities. As a result, Colmet needed a proposition, brand and approach that would differentiate its quality offering in an increasingly commoditised market.


An analysis of select competitors revealed a valuable opportunity for Colmet. Sheet metal manufacturers largely emphasise their components, in terms of their positioning and their imagery. However, each component is part of a larger end product, and Colmet products feature in applications that require precision, performance and durability.

Our recommended positioning therefore emphasised Colmet's role as a partner in a successful supply chain, and working closely with the Creative Director we showcased the company's role in creating cutting-edge products.

We rolled out this brand platform into a new website. We also developed a content strategy, broadcast to the market and to Colmet's database in order to build the company's authority and nurture business more effectively.


In the first three months of going live, Colmet's website doubled the number of visits and the number of referrals from social media.

*This project was alongside the team at Cognition

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