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December 4, 2017
June 1, 2015

80/20 Health Bar & Kitchen


80/20 Health Bar & Kitchen is a Bolton restaurant that specialises in fast food that’s both delicious and packed with nutritional value.

Founder Mina Khan is a pharmacist by profession but has been perfecting her culinary expertise since she was 10 years old. She was inspired to open her own restaurant by her desire to make it easy for busy people to eat on the go – and to share her love of wholesome food packed with spice-infused flavour.

Prior to launch, 80/20 needed a proposition and brand to differentiate it from local, independent fast food restaurants, as well as bigger players on the national scene.


Mina’s passion for food – and her commitment to sourcing the best ingredients and grinding her own spices – gave us a compelling story to tell. What’s more, her training as a pharmacist means that she understands the nutritional value of the ingredients she uses.

Leveraging these elements, we recommended positioning 80/20 as the solution for health-conscious yet busy people – not just gym addicts, but office workers popping out for lunch and cinema goers looking for an alternative to popcorn and sweets.

Putting the flagship spices – and Mina’s background – firmly centre stage, we created a brand identity that emphasises 80/20’s dedicated and authentic approach to healthy food.


Having successfully created 80/20’s brand platform, we rolled this out into a new website. In addition, we’re responsible for creating content on an ongoing basis, including email campaigns and features for local publications.

The restaurant has received fantastic feedback and has already established a reputation for serving healthy fast food that’s utterly delicious – complemented by fantastic customer service. Since opening, 80/20 has extended its opening hours to include breakfast and has launched a meal prep service.

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