How to Write Compelling Blog Posts

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There are lots of blog posts on the internet. Most likely there are people talking about similar subjects to you.

You have something to say. You just need to say it in the right way.

There's a reason your customers choose you over other companies, and your blog is a chance to show people why.

Learn how to write blog posts that hook your readers - in 11 steps

I always say that the trick with business blogging is to remember that there are people out there with problems you can solve. Each blog post is a chance to make their day - and their life - easier.

The simple steps in this guide will show you how, including how to

  • Frame your topic (Steps 1 & 2)
  • Hook readers and keep them reading (Steps 3, 6 & 7)
  • Build an ongoing relationship with your readers (Steps 5, 10 & 11)

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About the Author: Anna Gunning

I'm a freelance copywriter who helps companies achieve their business goals by communicating more effectively. I have a particular talent for homing in on the messages that resonate with audiences, and then crafting copy that achieves your objectives.

My 10 years' experience includes copywriting and head of content roles at award-winning agencies, and my expertise spans digital, print, branding, content and campaigns.