11 Steps to Writing Business Blogs (If You’re Just Getting Started)


‘We want to start blogging but don’t know what to do.’

Business owners and marketing managers often say something like that when they first ring me up.

The fact is, there are lots of blog posts on the internet, which is one reason starting a blog feels intimidating. There are probably people talking about similar subjects to what you want to discuss. But you still have something to say. There’s a reason your customers choose you over other companies, and your blog is a chance to show people why.

I always say the trick with blogging is to remember there are people out there with problems you can solve. Each blog post is a chance to make their day – and their life – easier.

And here’s how.

The advice I give to those enquiring business owners and marketing managers – I’ve written it up in a free guide called How to Write Compelling Blog Posts. It has an 11-step process for creating content that hooks your readers. So download, digest and start wowing your web visitors.


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Anna is a Birmingham-based copywriter and content strategist. She has more than 15 years of digital marketing experience, and has worked with companies across manufacturing, technology, industry, property, professional services and more.

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