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10 Steps to Convincing Copy

You know that feeling you get when you're looking at a blank document or email?

That niggling uncertainty: Will I say the right thing? Will what I say actually work?

Say goodbye to that feeling.

I've distilled my top copywriting advice into 10 easy-to-read emails

Each week you get a new tip that makes it easier to write copy that works - and that extra persuasive power means more customers, more loyalty and more revenue.

Over the next 10 weeks, I answer questions like:

  • What words should you avoid? (Week 8)
  • How do you get started? (Weeks 2 & 4)
  • How do you decide on the best hook? (Week 5)

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About the Author: Anna Gunning

I'm a freelance copywriter who helps companies achieve their business goals by communicating more effectively. I have a particular talent for homing in on the messages that resonate with audiences, and then crafting copy that achieves your objectives.

My 10 years' experience includes copywriting and head of content roles at award-winning agencies, and my expertise spans digital, print, branding, content and campaigns.

This writing mini-course sums up the strategies I use (and the best advice I've received). Enroll now and then use the simple, practical tips to make your copy sizzle. 

What People Say About My Advice

"Your emails are full constructive advice and practical techniques. They've changed the way I approach the writing process and have given me numerous pointers to ensure my writing is strong and persuasive. More soon, please!"

"There is a considerable amount people can learn from Anna...She adds well-considered, valuable thoughts."

10 Steps to Convincing Copy

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10 weeks.

10 short emails.

10+ practical tips that make it easier to write copy that works.

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